Veteran Burials

On April 16, 2005 Magnolia Cemetery received it's designation as an Historic Texas Cemetery. A ceremony and reception was held on the cemetery grounds to commemorate the occassion. In addition to the civil war veterans below, Magnolia is also the resting place for veterans from the Spanish American War, World War I and World War II. It is our desire, over time to highlight more of the brave heros of these other wars, as well as the lives of those who contributed to the beginnings of our city on the bayou.

HENRY KITE (August 20, 1834 – December 14, 1908) Plot C-152-4
Private, Co. A, 12th Texas Infantry

NATHAN BRAGG FULLER (October 2, 1849 – January 1, 1920) Plot C-151
Private, Co. A, Houston Battalion, Texas Infantry

ERNEST HEINZE (1831 – March 10, 1899) Plot B-075
Musician, 2nd Texas Infantry   Musician, 26th Texas Cavalry

FREDERICK BONEWITZ (June 16, 1837 – February 9, 1889)Plot B-034
Artificer, Kellersberg’s  Corps of Sappers and Miners

SIMON FREDERICKSON (1832 – November 12, 1894)   Plot D-212-1
Private, Edgar’s Battery, Texas Light Artillery

WILLIAM B. JAMES (October 22, 1839 – July 17, 1911) Plot B-048 N½
Private, Co.  C, 4th Texas Cavalry

GEORGE W. ELLIS (January 29, 1845 – January 2, 1927) Plot B-086
Private, Co. B, 26th Texas Cavalry

Other Burials