Welcome to Magnolia Cemetery of Houston

Magnolia Cemetery of Houston is an historic, perpetual care cemetery located on a 6 acre tract, 1 mile west of downtown Houston, Texas, at 816 Montrose Boulevard. A place of historic significance in Houston, it has been in existence since 1884. The founding members created this resting place in the heart of the city, and it remains a comfort to the many families who still come here to visit their ancestors.

Donate to the Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery is maintained by a trust through Frost Bank of Texas. Perpetual care cemeteries are regulated and examined by the Texas Department of Banking. While these trust funds help to maintain the cemetery, they are not sufficient to support restoration of trees, landscaping and monuments. Your contributions are welcome and appreciated, and can be made by donating, via PayPal below, by check, or by contacting the cemetery for further information.

Board of Directors and Officers

Director Title Service Years
Donna Sumner-O'Neill President 2015 - Present
Nancy Sauer Vice President 2015 - Present
Bret Roper Treasurer 2007 - Present
Glen Telge Secretary 2015 - Present
Jim Binford Director 2008 - Present
Katherine Feser Director 2015 - Present
Russell Frank Director 2015 - Present
Hardy Roper Director 2013 - Present