Welcome to Magnolia Cemetery of Houston

Magnolia Cemetery of Houston is an historic, perpetual care cemetery located on a 6 acre tract, 1 mile west of downtown Houston, Texas, at 816 Montrose Boulevard. A place of historic significance in Houston, it has been in existence since 1884. The founding members created this resting place in the heart of the city, and it remains a comfort to the many families who still come here to visit their ancestors.

Board of Directors and Officers

Director Title Service Years
Donna Sumner-O'Neill President 2015 - Present
Nancy Sauer Vice President 2015 - Present
Bret Roper Treasurer 2007 - Present
Glen Telge Secretary 2015 - Present
Jim Binford Director 2008 - Present
Katherine Feser Director 2015 - Present
Russell Frank Director 2015 - Present
Hardy Roper Director 2013 - Present